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33439 – A lazy maid she is, laying around the house and talking on the phone with her chores and tasks undone. That is, until her employer suddenly arrives unexpectedly. The sorry maid pleads for her job when he fires her because of her poor performance. It seems she has not lived up to the job expectations in the past and is not about to be given another chance. At least not without a attitude adjustment toward her work. Her employer proposes a solution that will remind her to stay at her work and not sit around the house. The poor girl endures a spanking with a carpet beater followed by a hand spanking and finally a wooden paddle. Her virgin backside dances and weaves as the new experience sinks in and leaves her sore and remorseful. But not for long, when she suddenly realizes that her chastisement left her a little stimulated. After indulging herself on her own fingers its back to the same old work routine.

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